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How do get the avatars from here to Fan Forum?
Right click on the avatar you want and "save picture as..." When the avatar is saved on your computer, go to your FF "member center." From there click on "posting extras" then browse your computer and upload the avatar. It should be there the next time you post. If FF says that the picture is too big then please e-mail me and I'll fix the avatar.

How do I use AIM icons?
On all the AIM icons pages I made it so you don't have to save the picture on your computer. Just click the icon you want to use and click "OK" when the pop up window comes up. If you want to save an icon to use later then just right click and "save picture as..."

What's the art for?
The art is just there to look at. I've gotten e-mails from people asking to use a picture for their web page logo. If you want to do that then e-mail me and ask. The same goes for the banners. Do not use any of the art on your web page without asking first.

How do I save the wallpaper?
Click on the thumbnail, right click and "set as background" To save it to use later; right click and "save picture as..." You can use the wallpaper without permission but do not put any of it on your web page without our permission.

Who makes all this stuff?
The wallpaper and art is made by Hailey and Holly. The AIM icons and avatars are mostly made by Hailey... Holly and Joanna have also pitched in and made a few.

Who made this web page?
Hailey made and designed the graphics on this web page. Please don't take any of the graphics to use on your page.

Do you accept requests?
Yes. I will take requests to make avatars, AIM icons and wallpaper. But I give no guarantees that it'll be made. To make a request e-mail me or go to the index page and click on comments.